Synchronization is important in all aspects of things so that chaos or confusion will be avoided. This is true for life, in nature and also in mechanical creations. Automobiles are examples of perfect synchronization. These mechanisms are able to run well because every part is designed to perform a specific task at a particular time especially its engine. When it comes to the engine part, the part that helps ensure the harmonious functions of the parts composing it is the timing belt.

The timing belt is a component of an internal combustion engine that regulates the movement — opening and closing of the engine valves. This part is also referred to as the timing chain or cam belt. As used in the internal combustion engine the timing belt links the crankshaft to the camshaft which is responsible for the closing and opening of the engine valves. The timing belt is very important since the camshaft has to rotate only once for every two rotations of the crankshaft.

The belt must be properly installed and adjusted — not too loose nor too tight, so that it will be able to properly facilitate the movement of the valves. Poor placement of the belt could result to breakage and disrupt the rotation of the camshaft. This scenario is very dangerous because the piston could hit the open valves and you'll have a major car repair in your hands. Evidence of damage like cracks, cuts and excessive wear should not be ignored because if it is left like that your car will most likely suffer from poor performance, power failure and rattling valves.

The timing belt is also prone to damage or it could become loose due to the above mentioned situations. So, regular check up of this part is highly recommended. Car experts also advice that the timing belt be changed at regular intervals, possibly everytime you reach 60,000 to 105,000 miles.

In finding a replacement for your broken timing belt you should make sure that the one you choose is really suited to your car. It should be of the right dimension and length. Most car owners prefer to use the rubber timing belt rather than the timing chain because it is less noisy. But when it comes to durability the timing chain lasts longer. Whether you are looking for a chain or belt for your Audi, the best source of auto parts and accessories you can have is Parts Train. We have premium quality Audi timing belts that will work perfectly for your car.