The timing belt in your car plays a vital function in the total operation of the engine. A number of important automotive parts in your ride are made to sync by your dependable Acura Vigor timing belt that functions as the pulse of your motor vehicle. Ensuring that your automobile's crankshaft, camshaft, valves, and pistons operate in complete unity, the timing belt uses several teeth that fit precisely with sprockets.

Created with reliable artificial rubber, a car's t-belt is reinforced with heavy-duty fiber wires that provide better foundation. Manufactured from stretch-resistant materials, most timing belts for Acura Vigor are built to endure for a long while. If your engine shafts or valves start to fail, this can be a warning of a broken t-belt resulting from continued use throughout the years. A broken cam belt will yield to troubles in compression or igniition so the best move to do is to change it at once.

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