There are many car brands that compete for the first place in car manufacturing. Although not in the number one place, Acura is one of the brands that should be reckoned with. Some people may get confused about this brand because Acura in reality is from Honda Motors. The Japanese manufacturer Honda made use of the name Acura when they entered the American and Canadian market's luxury and near-luxury line of vehicles. Positioned as a luxury model, Acura vehicles put more emphasis on comfort, style and quality. Even though this is the case, Acura cars are nevertheless equipped with high quality components and engine parts.

Acura cars have a timing belt installed in the internal combustion engine. This part is so important because it manages the timing of the valves in the engine for a synchronized and smooth flow of the combustion process. Being a part of the internal combustion engine, the timing belt joins the crankshaft to the camshaft. Since the camshaft manages the opening and closing of the engine valves, being connected to the said part enables the timing belt to direct the valves' movements. To be efficient, this timing belt must be able to facilitate the camshaft's rotation in relation to the engine. The camshaft usually makes one rotation for every two rotations on the camshaft.

If your car's timing belt is not in proper working order, most likely you will experience poor engine performance. Poor running condition, banging of the valves and even loss of power are some of the indicators of a broken timing belt. A broken timing belt that goes undetected can result to broken pistons when the uncoordinated valves crash into them. To avoid this you need to check under hood on a regular basis.

In order to have a good grip on the cam shaft, the timing belt usually has what are called as the "teeth". But today, there are many styles and designs of the timing belt that can be found in today's auto parts and accessories stores. The designs usually vary depending on the kind of engine it will be used for. But in the event that you need to change your timing belt for a new one you can come to Parts Train because we have a wide variety of high quality Acura timing belt that you can choose from.