As an important part of your Volvo S60's steering unit, the tie rod end links the steering knuckles to the rods. Every time you move the actual wheel, the Volvo S60 tie rod end relays the pressure into the knuckle assembly, causing the auto wheels to move smoothly. This component is usually made of automotive grade steel in order to handle huge amounts of force, pressure, and torque but just like other car parts, this gear is quite prone to wear and tear.

For the tie rod end of your Volvo S60 to work, both the outer and inner ends have to be greased now and then. When the rod ends aren't oiled properly, wearing out due to friction can happen. Aside from an annoying noise, uneven tire wear could be a possible indication of a busted tie rod end. Never drive with busted Volvo S60 tie rod ends for your own and your car's safety; remember that steering components very much rely on these steel ends. Plenty of direct-fit parts are currently affordable so say no to hand-me-down parts.

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