A tie rod end is a highly important steering system part of your Volvo S40. Your Volvo S40 tie rod end aids in moving the automotive wheels for better movement. Don't be shocked if this part breaks down through the years even if it is manufactured from a durable material.

Generous amounts of grease should be used on the tie rod end of your Volvo S40. Once the lubrication wears off, too much force is pressured into the rod, triggering it to snap back and cause a clunk-like sound when you are doing a tight turn. Signs that friction has seriously damaged the tie rod end may include tire wear scratches. Don't drive with cracked Volvo S40 tie rod ends for yours and your vehicle's safety; keep in mind that steering components heavily rely on these steel rod ends. Plenty of OE parts are now wallet-friendly so no need to buy used spare parts.

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