A functional tie rod end is a very important steering component of your Suzuki Grand Vitara. Your Suzuki Grand Vitara tie rod end helps move the four wheels for better movement. Do not be shocked if it breaks sooner or later even if it's made of a very durable material.

So for the tie rod end of your Suzuki Grand Vitara to function, both of its inner and outer ends must be lubricated on a yearly basis. When the rod ends aren't lubricated, damage due to heat can actually happen. Excessive tire wear also mean a broken tie rod end so be quite sure to keep an eye out for these signs. Driving with broken Suzuki Grand Vitara tie rod ends is quite dangerous because you really won't enjoy complete control of your Suzuki Grand Vitara's steering mechanism, so replace a poorly working one as soon as possible. Always go for new OE parts for better durability you can rely on for years.

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