As component of your Subaru 's steering system, the tie rod end links the steering knuckles to the tie rods. A working Subaru tie rod end helps move the four wheels for that synchronized movement. Do not be too surprised if it breaks down sooner or later even if it's manufactured from a durable material.

So for the tie rod end of your Subaru to function, both its outer and inner ends must be greased regularly. Once the lubrication substance rubs off, too much pressure is forced into the rod, making it snap back and lead to a clunk-like sound especially when making a tight turn. Excess tire wear also indicate a broken tie rod end so be very sure to watch out for these indications. Driving with cracked Subaru tie rod ends can be dangerous because you won't have full control of your Subaru 's steering gears, so fix or replace a worn out one as soon as you can. Always choose new OE parts for improved durability you can depend on for years.

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