A tie rod end is a very important steering gear of your Plymouth Conquest. Each time you turn the actual wheel, the Plymouth Conquest tie rod end relays the pressure into the knuckle unit, triggering the car wheels to move properly. This component is typically made from durable steel to endure all the force, pressure, and torque but just like other steering gear, it is also quite prone to damage.

The tie rod end of your Plymouth Conquest requires proper lubrication for it to function perfectly. When the rod ends aren't oiled properly, damage due to heat can actually happen. Aside from hearing an actual clunking sound, uneven tire wear could be a possible sign of a damaged tie rod end. Driving with bent Plymouth Conquest tie rod ends is quite dangerous because you won't have full control of your Plymouth Conquest's steering subcomponents, so replace a worn out component very soon. A lot of direct-fit parts are currently pocket-friendly so say no to used spare parts.

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