As part of your Plymouth Caravelle's steering assembly, the tie rod end links the steering knuckles to the rods. Enough force is actually related into each wheel through the Plymouth Caravelle tie rod end. It will eventually fail because of regular exposure to pressure and torque.

In order for the tie rod end of your Plymouth Caravelle to work, both its outer and inner ends should be lubricated regularly. Once the lubrication wears off, too much pressure is forced into the inner rod, causing it to flip back and lead to a "clunking" sound especially when making a tight turn. Signs that friction or heat has seriously damaged the tie rod end include tire wear marks. Don't drive with damaged Plymouth Caravelle tie rod ends for your own and your vehicle's safety; remember that steering parts heavily depend on these rod ends. A lot of OE parts are now wallet-friendly so say no to used spare parts.

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