A tie rod end is a vital steering gear of your Oldsmobile Regency. Everytime you rotate the wheel, the Oldsmobile Regency tie rod end relays the force into the knuckles, allowing the auto wheels to move. This will through time break down because of exposure to pressure & torque.

So for the tie rod end of your Oldsmobile Regency to actually work, both the inner/outer ends should be lubricated regularly. If the rod ends aren't lubricated, deterioration because of friction can occur. Excess tire wear also indicate a broken tie rod end so be very sure to watch out for these symptoms. Never drive with damaged Oldsmobile Regency tie rod ends for yours and your Oldsmobile Regency's safety; keep in mind that steering parts heavily rely on these steel ends. When looking for a good replacement, don't go for ridiculously cheap, junk yard parts; using a new component promises better product longevity and OE replacements are quite inexpensive.

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