A tie rod end is a vital steering component of your Nissan Van. Each time you rotate the wheel, the Nissan Van tie rod end relays the force into the knuckle unit, allowing the wheels to move smoothly. It'll through time break down due to exposure to pressure & torque.

So for the tie rod end of your Nissan Van to function, both its outer and inner ends have to be greased now and then. Not enough oil exposes it to too much heat, which may actually lead to annoying sounds each time a rod is pressured. Aside from hearing an an irksome sound, tyre wear is also a possible indication of a busted tie rod end. Never drive with damaged Nissan Van tie rod ends for your and your vehicle's safety; always remember that steering parts heavily depend on these steel ends. A lot of direct-fit parts are now affordable so say no to used spare parts.

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