Placed between the knuckle gear and the metal rods is the tie rod end of your Nissan Cube. Force is transferred into your wheels through the Nissan Cube tie rod end. You shouldn't be too surprised if it does gets damaged over the years even if it's made of a very durable material.

Generous amounts of car grease must be applied on the tie rod end of your Nissan Cube. When the lubrication substance wears off, extra pressure is forced into the inner rod, causing it to flip back and lead to a clunk-like sound when you are doing a tight turn. Excessive tire wear may mean a broken tie rod end so be very sure to keep an eye out for these symptoms. To further prevent road accidents when driving your Nissan Cube, change damaged Nissan Cube tie rod ends. Always go for brand-new OE replacements for genuine durability you can depend on for many years.

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