As an important part of your Mitsubishi 's steering unit, the tie rod end connects the knuckle parts to the tie rods. The force is actually transferred into each wheel through a metal Mitsubishi tie rod end. It'll eventually wear out as caused by regular exposure to pressure/ torque.

So for the tie rod end of your Mitsubishi to actually work, both the inner and outer ends must be greased regularly. If the lubrication rubs off, extra force is pressured into the rod, triggering it to snap and produce a clunk-like sound when you are doing a tight turn. Aside from hearing an an irksome sound, uneven tire wear might be a possible indication of a damaged tie rod end. Never drive with cracked Mitsubishi tie rod ends for your and your car's safety; remember that automotive steering gears very much rely on these rod ends. Always go for brand-new OE replacements for genuine durability you can count on for years.

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