As an important component of your Mini 's steering unit, the tie rod end connects the knuckle parts to the car tie rods. Everytime you turn the actual wheel, the Mini tie rod end relays the pressure into the knuckle assembly, triggering the wheels to move. It will over time wear out due to constant exposure to pressure and torque.

For the tie rod end of your Mini to work, both its inner/outer ends must be oiled now and then. If the lubrication substance rubs off, excess pressure is forced into the inner rod, causing it to flip back and lead to a clunking noise when you are doing a tight turn. Unmistakable signs that too much friction has ruined the tie rod end actually include tyre wear marks. To further prevent accidents when driving your Mini , change busted Mini tie rod ends. Plenty of OE parts are now wallet-friendly so never buy used spare parts.

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