Located between the car's steering knuckles and the metal tie rods is a tie rod end of your Mercury Ln7. Each time you move the steering wheel, the Mercury Ln7 tie rod end relays the force into the knuckle unit, causing the wheels to move properly. You shouldn't be shocked if this part gets damaged sooner or later even if this auto gear is constructed from a top-caliber material.

Generous amounts of oil/ grease must be applied on the tie rod end of your Mercury Ln7. If the lubrication rubs off, extra force is put into the rod, making it snap back and cause a clunk-like sound especially when making a turn. Aside from an an irksome sound, tyre wear might be a possible indication of a busted tie rod end. Driving with broken Mercury Ln7 tie rod ends can be dangerous because you won't enjoy total control of your Mercury Ln7's steering gears, so replace a malfunctioning component very soon. When searching for a replacement, do not go for those affordable, used parts; making use of a new component guarantees a longer lifespan and OE products are quite inexpensive.

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