As component of your Mazda 929's steering unit, the tie rod end connects the knuckles to the tie rods. Each time you rotate the wheel, the Mazda 929 tie rod end relays the force into the knuckle unit, causing the car wheels to move properly. It will over time fail because of regular exposure to pressure and torque.

Generous amounts of grease should be applied on the tie rod end of your Mazda 929. If the lubrication product rubs off, extra force is pressured into the inner rod, triggering it to flip back and lead to a "clunking" sound especially when doing a tight turn. Signs that friction has seriously damaged the tie rod end include tire wear scratches. To further prevent road mishaps as you drive your Mazda 929, replace ruined Mazda 929 tie rod ends. Many Original Equipment parts are currently affordable so you don't need to buy hand-me-down parts.

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