A functional tie rod end is a very important steering gear of your Lincoln Aviator. Your Lincoln Aviator tie rod end helps in moving the wheels and tires for that synchronized movement. Do not be too surprised if it breaks down through the years even if it's constructed from a top-caliber material.

Adequate amounts of grease must be applied on the tie rod end of your Lincoln Aviator. Once the lubrication wears off, extra force is pressured into the inner tube, causing it to snap and cause a clunking noise when you are doing a tight turn. Besides hearing an actual clunking sound, uneven tire wear is also a possible sign of a damaged tie rod end. Never drive with busted Lincoln Aviator tie rod ends for your own and your car's safety; remember that steering components heavily rely on these steel ends. When searching for a replacement, never go for cheap, junk yard parts; utilizing a brand-new part ensures a longer lifespan and OE products are quite inexpensive.

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