As an important part of your Honda Prelude's steering assembly, the tie rod end attaches the knuckle parts to the car tie rods. Force is actually related into the wheels through the Honda Prelude tie rod end. This part is usually built from durable steel in order to handle all that force, pressure, and torque but similar to other car parts, this gear is vulnerable to wear and tear.

In order for the tie rod end of your Honda Prelude to actually work, both the outer and inner ends have to be oiled now and then. Not enough grease causes too much heat, which may actually lead to annoying sounds each time a steering rod is forced. Aside from an actual clunking sound, tyre wear might be a possible sign of a damaged tie rod end. Driving with bent Honda Prelude tie rod ends is quite dangerous because you really won't have full control of your Honda Prelude's steering mechanism, so fix or replace a worn out one as soon as you can. Always go for new OE parts for better durability you can depend on for several years.

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