As a vital component of your Ford Tempo's steering assembly, the tie rod end attaches the knuckle parts to the rods. The Ford Tempo tie rod end helps move the four wheels for a more synchronized movement. Don't be too surprised if it gets damaged sooner or later even if it's made of a top-caliber material.

For the tie rod end of your Ford Tempo to function, both its outer and inner ends have to be greased regularly. Not enough grease can lead to too much friction, which may actually cause funny sounds each time a car rod is pressured. Signs that too much friction has ruined the tie rod end may include tyre wear marks. Don't drive with busted Ford Tempo tie rod ends for your and your car's safety; always remember that automotive steering gears heavily depend on these steel ends. Many OE parts are now pocket-friendly so say no to junkyard components.

AC Delco, Mevotech, and Raybestos are just some of the Ford Tempo tie rod end manufacturers we feature in our catalog. Buy one right this instant!