As a vital component of your Dodge W100's steering system, the tie rod end links the knuckles to the tie rods. A working Dodge W100 tie rod end aids in moving the wheels and tires for faster movement. This part is typically built from durable steel to tackle all the force, pressure, and torque but similar to other car parts, it's also quite prone to damage.

In order for the tie rod end of your Dodge W100 to work, both the outer and inner ends should be greased on a yearly basis. If the lubrication wears off, extra force is put into the rod, making it flip back and lead to a "clunking" sound especially when making a tight turn. Tire wear notches also mean a severely worn out tie rod end so be sure to look out for these symptoms. Don't drive with damaged Dodge W100 tie rod ends for your and your car's safety; keep in mind that steering components heavily depend on these steel rod ends. When hunting for a reliable replacement, never go for those affordable, junk yard parts; utilizing a new component ensures better product longevity and OE products are very affordable.

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