A functional tie rod end is a highly important steering component of your Dodge Stratus. The force is actually transferred into the wheels through a metal Dodge Stratus tie rod end. This auto part is commonly built from automotive grade steel in order to handle all the force, pressure, and torque but like other components, it's also prone to damage.

A tie rod end of your Dodge Stratus needs enough grease for it to function perfectly. Once the lubrication is completely gone, too much force is pressured into the rod, triggering it to snap and cause a "clunking" sound especially when making a turn. Signs that too much friction has heavily damaged the tie rod end actually include tire wear scratches. Never ever drive with damaged Dodge Stratus tie rod ends for your own and your vehicle's safety; remember that steering parts heavily depend on these steel rod ends. Many Original Equipment parts are now wallet-friendly so never buy junkyard components.

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