A tie rod end is a highly important steering component of your Dodge Shadow. The force is transferred into each wheel through the Dodge Shadow tie rod end. Don't be shocked if this part breaks through the years even if it is constructed from a durable material.

For the tie rod end of your Dodge Shadow to actually work, both of its outer and inner ends have to be greased now and then. When the lubrication substance is completely gone, excess force is put into the inner rod, making it snap and cause a clunk-like sound especially when doing a tight turn. Aside from an annoying noise, tyre wear is also a possible symptom a ruined tie rod end. Driving with broken Dodge Shadow tie rod ends is risky because you really won't enjoy complete control of your Dodge Shadow's steering mechanism, so change a malfunctioning vehicle part as soon as you can. When hunting for a good replacement, do not go for those affordable, used parts; using a new gear ensures a longer lifespan and OE replacements are quite inexpensive.

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