Placed between the car's steering knuckles and the metal tie rods is a tie rod end of your Dodge Caravan. A working Dodge Caravan tie rod end helps in moving the four wheels for that synchronized movement. It will over time wear out due to constant exposure to pressure and torque.

In order for the tie rod end of your Dodge Caravan to work, both the outer and inner ends have to be oiled on a yearly basis. When the rod ends aren't greased, deterioration because of friction can occur. Tell-tale signs that too much friction has ruined the tie rod end include tire wear marks. To avoid road accidents while driving your Dodge Caravan, change busted Dodge Caravan tie rod ends. When hunting for a reliable replacement, do not go for ridiculously cheap, used parts; making use of a new gear promises a longer lifespan and OE replacements are quite inexpensive.

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