Located between the knuckle gear and the metal rods is a tie rod end of your Dodge Avenger. The force is transferred into the wheels through a metal Dodge Avenger tie rod end. This part is usually built from high-grade steel to tackle all the force, pressure, and torque but like other steering gear, it's also prone to wear and tear.

Adequate amounts of grease should be applied on the tie rod end of your Dodge Avenger. Poor lubrication exposes it to excess friction, which may actually create weird sounds each time a car rod is forced too much. Excess tire wear also indicate a broken tie rod end so be very sure to watch out for these indications. Driving with bent Dodge Avenger tie rod ends is risky since you won't enjoy full control of your Dodge Avenger's steering subcomponents, so replace a poorly working vehicle part very soon. When hunting for a reliable replacement, never go for those affordable, used parts; making use of a new component ensures a longer lifespan and OE products are quite budget-friendly.

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