Placed between the knuckle gear and the steering rods is the tie rod end of your Chevrolet Biscayne. Everytime you turn the actual wheel, the Chevrolet Biscayne tie rod end relays the force into the knuckle unit, causing the wheels to move smoothly. This will over time wear out because of constant exposure to pressure and torque.

So for the tie rod end of your Chevrolet Biscayne to work, both the outer and inner ends should be greased now and then. When the rod ends aren't greased, deterioration because of friction can actually happen. Excess tire wear may mean a severely worn out tie rod end so be quite sure to watch out for these indications. Driving with broken Chevrolet Biscayne tie rod ends is risky because you won't have complete control of your Chevrolet Biscayne's steering gears, so replace a malfunctioning vehicle part very soon. Always choose brand-new OE replacements for genuine durability you can depend on for several years.

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