A functional tie rod end is a highly important steering gear of your Cadillac . Everytime you rotate the actual wheel, the Cadillac tie rod end transfers the force into the knuckle assembly, causing the car wheels to move smoothly. It will through time wear out as caused by exposure to pressure/ torque.

Enough amount of car grease should be used on the tie rod end of your Cadillac . Once the lubrication is completely gone, too much pressure is forced into the rod, making it snap back and cause a “clunking” sound when you're doing a tight turn. Aside from hearing an an irksome sound, uneven tire wear is also a possible symptom a damaged tie rod end. To further prevent road mishaps while driving your Cadillac , change busted Cadillac tie rod ends. Many OE parts are currently affordable so never buy hand-me-down parts.

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