In between the actual knuckles and the metal rods is the tie rod end of your Bmw 650i. The Bmw 650i tie rod end aids in moving the wheels and tires for better movement. This part is typically made from high-grade steel to tackle all the force, pressure, and torque but just like other steering gear, it's also vulnerable to old age.

A tie rod end of your Bmw 650i requires proper lubrication for it to function smoothly. If the lubrication substance rubs off, too much pressure is forced into the inner tube, making it snap back and lead to a clunking noise when you're making a tight turn. Excess tire wear also indicate a broken tie rod end so be sure to keep your eye out for these indications. To avoid accidents when driving your Bmw 650i, replace ruined Bmw 650i tie rod ends. When looking for a replacement, never go for those affordable, second-hard parts; using a brand-new part promises better product lifespan and OE items are quite budget-friendly.

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