Car Tie Rod Assembly

One of the most important aspects of the steering system is called the tie rod assembly. It's a slender rod that can function as a tie while being able to hold tensile loads as well. It is, in just a few simple words, a very important assembly. Damage to this can cause you a lot of inconvenience-and unnecessary expense!

The most basic tie rod assemblies consist of two parts: the inner end and the outer end. These parts transfer the force from the steering center link to another part called the steering knuckle. Because of this, your car wheels can turn either to the right or to the left, depending on where you need your car to go. Tie rods are dependable and durable components that only need regular greasing as part of their routine maintenance. However, wear and tear can surely damage even the toughest tie rods out there. Always have a look on a regular basis. There is no alternative to real car maintenance!

Some of the symptoms that will tell you when the tie rod is already damaged include wandering, erratic steering, and feathered wear pattern on the tires. To check if you have a faulty tie rod, you need to lift your car first. After that, move the wheels back and forth. If you see any semblance of free play that means the entire assembly is damaged.

Remember that while on the road there is nothing worse than getting into a car accident. Figuring in one, no matter how minor, is never a good thing! You waste time, money and a lot of your convenience when your car tie rod assembly suddenly breaks apart while on the road.

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