Poor acceleration is one usual sign of a malfunctioning throttle position sensor. That Volvo 940 of yours crunches data from various sources, such as the sensor for the throttle position, to come up with the ideal levels of air and fuel. Never fret as you can definitely change the Volvo 940 throttle position sensor alone provided that you have sufficient DIY knowledge.

As the term implies, the vehicle's throttle position sensor collects data about your Volvo 940 throttle plates' position and relays these to your computer device. The vehicle's computer uses the signals conveyed by the sensor to precisely formulate how much of both fuel and air are necessary for that specific moment to optimize the automobile's performance. Throttle position sensors exist in many current automobile models that use computer-managed systems. Just to ensure you are appropriately connecting the brand-new automotive sensor, carefully read your Volvo 940's instruction manual and also the instructions that are included with the replacement sensor, if any.

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