Car Throttle Position Sensors

There are literally thousands of parts that comprise your ride. And with the advent of the modern age, cars have become more and more complicated and sophisticated. One of these new parts is the throttle position sensor which acts like an invisible throttle cable; it relays to the engine management unit how far you are stepping on the gas pedal. But just like any other electronic and electrical device, the sensor is prone to failure.

Once that happens, you will encounter some pretty serious driving problems. Either you will not get any response from your engine no matter how hard you push the pedal to the floor, or your engine's performance will be erratic. That's because the car throttle position sensor is not giving the right information to your car's control unit. It is interesting to note that these modern car parts help you so much yet when it is their turn to get maintained, for some reason, you put it at the back of your mind, basically hoping that everything will work out fine.

Simply put, once your throttle position sensor wears out and breaks down for any reason whatsoever, you are better off keeping your car in your garage. That is because it may turn out to be a menace on the streets. You would not want to stop abruptly right in the middle of traffic, do you? Neither would you want to be careening uncontrollably downhill with kids crossing the road ahead of you. Both of these situations can happen if your throttle sensor suddenly quits.

Staying safe on the road is one very important aspect of driving. And with so many car parts to look out for, it can be tricky making sure your car is in perfect condition always. Simply have a look inside to see if and ever there are problems that require your attention. Take time to pop the hood and just inspect your car's insides, like maybe the throttle position sensor. Remember, your engine is the most important part of your ride!

So what are you going to do if your throttle position sensor gets damaged? It is quite simple because all you have to do is kill the engine-but do not remove the key from the ignition so you do not lose total control of your vehicle. Then, browse Parts Train's catalog to find an affordable but high-performance replacement for your car. Replacing the unit is easy, but check your car manual and online forums too for more information on your car's particular throttle position sensor. And since we offer you such low prices for only the best quality car parts and accessories, have a look in our stocked catalogs today.