Car Throttle Body Spacers

Car customization is one hobby that many of you enjoy. You sure want to get more power from your car-making it go faster and smoother. And if you are like a lot of Americans today, you probably spend ridiculous amounts of money just to get minute increases in power from your engine. But did you know that all it takes is a simple add-on such as a throttle body spacer to get the road-ripping power that you have always wanted for your ride?

The car throttle body spacer is a one-inch piece of metal mounted to the throttle body in the fuel injection system. It is essentially nothing more than a valve that modulates airflow into the part of the manifold called the plenum. It functions just like the carburetor, although it mixes air instead of fuel. It sounds simple enough, right? That is because it is. With the right parts you can get your car to go certain speeds and basically churn out the best performance possible.

All throttle body spacers increase horsepower by making the incoming air swirl and move like a tornado. Because of this, fuel droplets are easily broken and a more efficient combustion process results from this. The spacers consist of only two major parts: the throttle plate and the butterfly valve. Both of these components are responsible for controlling and regulating the amount of air that goes into the manifold.

As with any car part, even tiny ones like the throttle body spacer need constant checking up on regularly. Wear and tear does not discriminate between car makes and parts. Everything gets damaged with every use and abuse of your ride. So take the time to look inside your car because you just might need new parts without you knowing it already! You can never be too sure that is why it is terribly important for you to look after your car.

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