Car Third Brake Lights

The third brake light works just like every other brake light in your vehicle, though it's located higher than the other brake lights and at the center of the rear window or deck lid. It tells other drivers when you intend to stop. That way, accidents and mishaps are prevented. The reason this brake light is mounted in the center and a bit higher is so that other drivers can see you braking easier because it is nearer their vision.

Every vehicle is equipped with traditional brake lights, so you may ask, what is the point of having a third one? Well, aside from it being required, it contributes to overall road safety. In stop-and-go traffic, most vehicles are very close to one another and drivers have a hard time seeing the brake lights positioned at the either side of the vehicle's lower part. This can cause accidents. The third brake lights are mounted where trailing drivers can fully see them. In some vehicles, third brake lights are installed inside the back glass or even on the spoiler, locations that are easily seen by other drivers. By knowing when a leading car is going to stop, trailing cars can adjust their speeds accordingly and stop in time, thus preventing collisions.

Unless you have been living under a rock your entire life, you must know that there are staggeringly high numbers of car accidents in this country. Whether the reasons are recklessness or drunkenness, installing a third brake light into your car can just save your life. If not, at the very least it prevents a bump from behind.

If you are one of the many, growing numbers of people doing their own car maintenance, then you must certainly try this project out. Since there are so many advantages to getting 3rd brake lights, and installing them is amazingly easy, there is little reason why you should not get yourself your own set!

As tough as the third brake light is, however, it is not immune to wear and tear. Once it gets damaged, you have to replace it immediately to make sure trailing drivers always know when you stop. For quality third brake lights offered at affordable prices, you can get them here at Parts Train. We will deliver your purchase immediately once you have placed and confirmed your order. Have a look at our catalogs today and you will see the amazing selection of car parts that we have in store for you. So for the best quality at the best prices, trust only us and we will make sure car maintenance becomes as hassle-free for you as possible. And with these new car parts in your ride, you can drive more confidently on the road knowing that your car is a little safer than it was before your new brake light.