You might just start to notice the minor components in a SUV after they breakdown, and it might be too late to avoid a vehicle accident' You should remind yourself that your Dodge Stealth's tailgate cables are a very important component of your tailgate mechanism' This particular cable holds the load that you place on your truck's tailgate when you are moving cargo in or are just tailgate partying with family and friends' If your Dodge Stealth tailgate's cables snap or rust up, you won’t be able to move your truck's tailgate for hauling cargo or even getting together with family and friends'

It is nice to know that truck or SUV tailgate cables are pretty simple to switch out but you may require some help to hold the tailgate itself while replacing the cables' Refer to your Dodge Stealth manual to properly swap out your tailgate cables but it should be as simple as detaching the tailgate cable from its mount and fitting in a new one' Due to the heavy amount of cargo weight placed on the tailgate, it is much better to get top quality upgrades that would last you a very long time'

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