Chances are, you'll just start noticing the small components inside your SUV when they break, and it might be far too late to avoid an accident' A perfect illustration of this will be the Dodge Intrepid tailgate cables that are often preceded by the vehicle's tailgate alone' A truck's tailgate can only hold a certain weight according to the strength of the cabling' If your Dodge Intrepid tailgate cables break or even wear out, you will not be able to completely open or close your tailgate for transporting items or even getting together with family and friends'

It is nice to know that tailgate cables are easy enough to replace but you may need a helping hand to hold the tailgate itself while replacing the tailgate cables' Consult your Dodge Intrepid handbook on how to upgrade your ride's cables but it ought to be as easy as taking off the tailgate's cable from its mount and fitting in a new one' Do not be satisfied low cost thin tailgate cables; depending on the loads that you usually carry, it’s better to use tough tailgate cables that will effectively manage the items that you usually carry around'

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