You might only just start taking note of the smaller parts inside your truck or SUV when they breakdown, which is often far too late to avoid a mishap' A perfect example of this would be the Chevrolet Avalanche tailgate cable which is overshadowed by the tailgate alone' The tailgate can only hold a certain amount of weight according to the strength and durability of its own cable connections' A damaged tailgate cable won't only mess up your day, it may damage your Chevrolet Avalanche when the tailgate drops all the way down really hard'

It's good to know that tailgate cables are simple enough to change but you may need some help to hold the tailgate itself while removing the cable system' Refer to your Chevrolet Avalanche handbook to properly replace your ride's cables however it has to be as easy as taking off the tailgate's cable from its mounted position and fitting in a new one' Don’t be satisfied inexpensive slim tailgate cables; based on the weight which you transport, it’s better to use sturdy tailgate cables that could effectively handle the cargo that you usually haul about'

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