For most car owners, safety is always on top of the list. Your car may exhibit optimum performance but if the safety is not guaranteed, better get yourself a new one. Almost all cars nowadays are designed to provide safety and protection components such as air bags, seat belts, anti-lock braking system, bumpers and others. However, did you know that car lights ca also promote safety? Yes, car lights can keep you safe every time you dash off the busy highways especially during night time, precipitation, and foggy atmosphere.

You surely cannot miss these car lights as these are mounted all over your automobile. Each of these lights is designed to serve different functions towards one goal — to provide safety and convenience while driving at low visibility periods. Take the headlights for example, these are mounted at the front end of an automobile for the purpose of providing illumination for road ahead. The turn signal lights are mounted on four corners of your car to warn others of your plan to take turns, change lane or overtake. Side marker lights are mounted on the side of the vehicle to let others know of your car's presence from the side view. Tail lights like the Hummer tail lights are mounted right at the car's rear end for the purpose of letting the subsequent driver know of your car's presence and direction thus able to take the necessary precautions to prevent him from hitting you behind.

Moreover, tail lights usually use red dim lenses to prevent other road users from being glared or blinded yet significantly visible to them as the same time. Nevertheless, there are car enthusiasts who do not settle with the stock components of their vehicle, and prefer customized ones. You too can do the same. You can replace the whole stock tail light assembly with a sportier or more elegant one. You can also make use of accessories such as tail light cover, protector and mask for restyling effects. On top of these, a busted tail light bulb, broken tail light lens, or damaged tail light assembly should be addressed as soon as possible to keep your self from untoward vehicular incidents.

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