If your car leans excessively in corners, you can suspect a damaged sway bar link since it is this component connecting the edge of the sway bar to the suspension. Any trouble with the Saturn Aura sway bar link, including small ones, can negatively influence the handling of your ride so it is smart to maintain it in tiptop state.

Yes, it can only be a basic tubular device, but the sway bar lessens body roll that the vehicle encounters when passing on corners and that task is crucial enough. As soon as the said link seems to lose its capacity to connect the sway bar effectively to the vehicle's suspension, wobbly handling will be experienced. It will be less difficult for you to find out when the sway bar link for your Saturn Aura fails because of the unusual noises which can be generated once the sway bar freely pop around without depending on the chassis and the vehicle's shape. As the car goes through corners, you will discover rattles and clicks and when passing through bumps, faulty Saturn Aura sway bar links usually make a clunking noise.

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