When your car leans too much in corners, you can suspect a defective sway bar link since it is this component that connects the end of your sway bar to the suspension. Any issue in your Pontiac Aztek sway bar link, maybe even minor ones, can badly change the handling of your ride so it is a fantastic idea to assure that it stays in tiptop condition.

To achieve smoother drives, it is vital that body rolls or leans if you are cornering are reduced, and such job is completed by the sway bar, that is also known as anti-roll bar. Due to the fact that your car won't be prevented from swaying on a cornering, lousy handling will be experienced as soon as the sway bar fails to link properly to the suspension. It won't be long up until youdiscover that the sway bar link for your Pontiac Aztek has seen better days because the said bar wiggles by itself, it creates strange and audible noises. Pontiac Aztek sway bar links produce rattles and clicks the moment your ride leans in corners; they generate clunking sound when you pass through uneven roads.

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