When your automobile leans too much while going through corners, you can suspect a broken sway bar link as it is the part connecting the end of the sway bar to the suspension. Although it's only the bushing, the washer, or nut in the link that's lost, it influences the capacity of the Nissan Versa sway bar link to hold the sway bar in its correct position, hence leading to unstable handling.

To achieve less stressful drives, it is important that leans while cornering are minimized, and that job is completed by the sway bar, that is often called anti-roll bar. When the said link loses its capacity to link the sway bar correctly to the vehicle's suspension, unstable handling can be expected. It's going to be very easy for you to know when the sway bar link for your Nissan Versa ceases to function because of the uncommon noises that may be created if the sway bar freely pop around without depending on the chassis plus the vehicle's condition. You will not only notice clicking ad rattling noises as you drive through a corner; Nissan Versa sway bar links could also produce clunking sound as you went on bumps.

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