The sway bar link, as suggested by its name, connects the sway bar to the vehicle's suspension; so once it becomes broken, expect your ride to sway more any time you're cornering. Even if it's just the bushing, washer, or nut within the link that's damaged, it greatly affects the power of the Lincoln Navigator sway bar link to support the sway bar in its proper location, hence causing unpredictable handling.

Also called anti-roll bar, this bar is only a simple tubular item that does a very critical work of lowering the swing or body roll felt by your vehicle during while cornering. If this bar isn't attached to the suspension effectively, it won't have the capacity to prevent your automobile from bending when cornering so twitchy handling could be experienced. When the sway bar link for your Lincoln Navigator becomes busted, the bar will keep on moving individually and it'll make unusual sounds, reminding you that the link has now seen better days. As the car goes through corners, you will discover rattles and clicks and whenever you're moving through humps, malfunctioning Lincoln Navigator sway bar links commonly produce a clunking noise.

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