Motorists who notice that their vehicle leans exceedingly when in corners should focus on the sway bar link as it is the one linking the sway bar to your ride's suspension. Even if it's just the bushing, washer, or the nut inside the link that's missing, it greatly affects the power of the Lexus Sc400 sway bar link to hold the sway bar in its proper location, therefore leading to poor handling.

Also called anti-roll bar, this bar is only a simple tubular part that performs a really critical work of decreasing the swing or body roll felt by your vehicle during while cornering. Once the said link seems to lose its capacity to connect the sway bar correctly to the vehicle's suspension, wobbly handling comes next. When the sway bar link for your Lexus Sc400 gets busted, the bar will continue to move on its own and it will make different sounds, informing you that your link has already stopped working. You will not only notice clicks and rattles while you drive in a corner; Lexus Sc400 sway bar links may also make clunking sound as you passed through bumps.

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