Vehicle owners who recognize that their car or truck swings exceedingly when going on corners need to focus on the sway bar link as it is the component joining the sway bar to your vehicle's suspension. Any issue in your Lexus Rx350 sway bar link, maybe even moderate ones, can negatively affect the handling of your ride so it is smart to keep it in tiptop condition.

Yes, it can be a simple tubular equipment, but the sway bar cuts down body roll that the vehicle goes through in corners and that task is critical enough. Since your ride won't be prevented from leaning on a cornering, poor handling should be expected the moment the sway bar fails to link correctly to the suspension. If the sway bar link for your Lexus Rx350 becomes broken, the bar will continue to move individually and it's going to produce different sounds, informing you that the link has now gone bad. Lexus Rx350 sway bar links generate clicks and rattles the minute your ride leans during cornering; they make clunking sound while you drive on bumpy roads.

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