Motorists who discover that their ride swings exceedingly when going on corners must focus on the sway bar link as it is the component linking the sway bar to your ride's suspension system. Although it's only the bushing, the washer, or the nut inside the link that's missing, it has an effect on the capacity of the Lexus Gx470 sway bar link to support the sway bar in its right position, thus causing unpredictable handling.

Also called anti-roll bar, this bar is just a simple tubular part that performs a really crucial work of decreasing the swing or body roll experienced by the vehicle when cornering. When this bar isn't attached to the suspension correctly, it won't be able to prevent your ride from bending during cornering so unpredictable handling could be experienced. It will not be long before youknow that the sway bar link for your Lexus Gx470 has seen better days simply because the said bar moves around independently, it makes unusual and audible noises. As soon as your car leans on corners, you will discover clicks and rattles and any time you're moving through humps, malfunctioning Lexus Gx470 sway bar links typically create a clunking noise.

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