If your car leans more while going through corners, you could suspect a defective sway bar link since it is the part linking the sway bar's end to the suspension. Though it's merely the bushing, the washer, or the nut in the link that's missing, it has an effect on the capacity of the Lexus Gs430 sway bar link to hold the sway bar in its correct location, thus causing poor handling.

It may simply be a simple tubular unit, yet the sway bar cuts down body roll that the vehicle experiences when passing on corners and that task is critical enough. Because the vehicle won't be stopped from swaying during cornering, bad handling will be experienced as soon as the sway bar fails to link up well to the suspension. When the sway bar link for your Lexus Gs430 gets damaged, the bar will continue to move individually and it will make different sounds, reminding you that the link has recently stopped working. You won't just notice clicking ad rattling noises when you lean in a corner; Lexus Gs430 sway bar links could also create clunking sound as you passed through bumps.

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