Drivers who notice that their ride sways too much when cornering must look closely at the sway bar link as it is the one joining the sway bar to the suspension of the vehicle. Although it's only the bushing, the washer, or the nut in the link that's missing, it greatly affects the ability of the Hyundai Sonata sway bar link to keep the sway bar in its right place, therefore leading to unstable handling.

Also known as anti-roll bar, this vehicle component is simply a simple tubular piece that carries out a very critical task of lowering the swing or body roll felt by your vehicle when cornering. When the said bar isn't connected to the suspension correctly, it won't have the ability to keep your car from leaning while cornering so unpredictable handling can be noticed. It will be way easy for you to find out when the sway bar link for your Hyundai Sonata ceases to function because of the strange noises which can be generated once the sway bar freely move around without depending on the chassis plus the vehicle's shape. You will not only discover rattles and clicks when you go on a corner; Hyundai Sonata sway bar links may also make clunking sound once you passed through bumps.

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