If the vehicle leans excessively while going through corners, you may suspect a broken sway bar link since it is the part connecting the sway bar's end to the suspension. Any issue with your Hyundai Azera sway bar link, including minor ones, can badly change your control over your vehicle so it is smart to keep it in ideal situation.

While it appears like a basic tubular unit, yet the sway bar lessens body roll that the vehicle goes through in corners and that task is crucial enough. If this bar isn't attached to the suspension well, it won't have the ability to prevent your automobile from bending when cornering so twitchy handling could be experienced. It'll be very easy for you to find out when the sway bar link for your Hyundai Azera has failed due to the strange noises which can be generated when the sway bar freely move around without depending on the chassis plus the vehicle's state. Hyundai Azera sway bar links generate clicks and rattles as soon as your automobile leans in corners; they generate clunking sound once you drive through rough terrains.

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