The sway bar link, as suggested by its name, connects the sway bar to the vehicle's suspension; so once it becomes damaged, expect your vehicle to lean more while cornering. Even if it's just the bushing, washer, or the nut inside the link that's lost, it greatly affects the power of the Eagle Summit sway bar link to hold the sway bar in its right place, therefore resulting in poor handling.

To achieve less stressful drives, it is necessary that body rolls or leans while cornering are minimized, and such job is conducted by way of sway bar, that is also called anti-roll bar. Since the vehicle won't be prevented from leaning during cornering, poor handling will be experienced the minute the sway bar does not link correctly to the suspension. If the sway bar link for your Eagle Summit becomes damaged, the bar will keep on moving on its own and it's going to create different sounds, informing you that your link has already seen better days. Eagle Summit sway bar links create clicks and rattles the moment your vehicle leans during cornering; they generate clunking sound when you pass through bumpy roads.

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