If your vehicle leans too much in corners, you could suspect a damaged sway bar link since it is the part linking the edge of the sway bar to the suspension. Even if it's merely the bushing, washer, or the nut in the link that's lost, it greatly affects the power of the Buick Regal sway bar link to keep the sway bar in its proper location, hence causing poor handling.

Yes, it can just be a simple tubular device, yet the sway bar lessens body roll the automobile experiences when passing on corners and such job is important enough. If this bar isn't connected to the suspension well, it won't be able to prevent your car from leaning during cornering so twitchy handling may be observed. As the sway bar link for your Buick Regal gets broken, the bar will continue to move on its own and it'll create unusual sounds, reminding you that this link has now seen better days. The moment your automobile passes through corners, you'll notice rattling and clicking sound and when passing through holes and bumps, faulty Buick Regal sway bar links commonly produce a clunking noise.

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