The sway bar link, as its name suggests, connects the sway bar on the vehicle's suspension; so once it becomes broken, expect your vehicle to lean more while cornering. The trouble can be as easy as a missing nut or washer, but it may spell the real difference between a good and unfavorable vehicle handling so make sure that this complication in your Bmw 550i sway bar link is addressed as soon as possible.

Also called anti-roll bar, the sway bar is simply a simple tubular part that does a very vital task of reducing the sway or body roll experienced by the vehicle when cornering. Due to the fact that the vehicle won't be prevented from swaying on a cornering, poor handling should be expected as soon as the sway bar does not link correctly to the suspension. It will be less difficult for you to know once the sway bar link for your Bmw 550i fails due to the strange noises that may be generated if the sway bar start to sway around without depending on the chassis as well as the vehicle's shape. Bmw 550i sway bar links produce rattles and clicks the moment your vehicle leans when cornering; they generate clunking sound once you drive on bumpy terrains.

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