When your automobile leans too much when cornering, you may suspect a damaged sway bar link as it is the one linking the sway bar's end to the suspension. Even if it's just the bushing, washer, or nut in the link that's missing, it greatly affects the ability of the Audi S8 sway bar link to hold the sway bar in its correct place, thus causing unstable handling.

To experience more enjoyable drives, it is vital that leans or body rolls if you are cornering are lessened, and that job is completed via the sway bar, that is also known as anti-roll bar. When the said bar isn't attached to the suspension well, it won't be able to prevent your ride from leaning when cornering so poor handling may be observed. When the sway bar link for your Audi S8 gets broken, the bar will continue to move independently and it's going to make different sounds, informing you that your link has now gone bad. You won't just discover clicking ad rattling noises when you drive in a corner; Audi S8 sway bar links can also make clunking sound once you passed through bumps.

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